Airfield Operations Officer

Responds to the airfield as appropriate to correct hazards e.g., control movement area (CMA) violations, crane operations violating aviation imaginary surface criteria, wildlife encroachment on and vicinity of CMA, foreign object debris removal, unauthorized official business activity in the CMA. Manages airfield vegetation control. Monitors construction activity near and on the CMA for safety compliance and take corrective action if needed.The Airfield Operations Officer is responsible for the overall management of Airfield Management (AM) facilities and services to provide a safe, efficient, and effective airfield environment for aircraft operations. Certain situations (e.g., exercises, special mission requirements, weapons or aircraft movements, etc.) require the Airfield Operations Officer to be designated as a trusted agent. Provides direct supervision and management of all personnel working in AM. 



Certifications /Education

High School diploma (or equivalent). Associate’s degree in Airfield Resource Management or a related field is preferred. Successful completion of a DoD Airfield Manager course is desired. 

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