Electrical Engineer

Directs or performs analysis, design, development, test and integration of electrical systems for ground system applications.  His/her duties may include: system requirements development and allocation; performing or directing the analysis, design, fabrication, test and integration of electrical systems for ground system applications; interpreting system level requirements as they apply to the development of electrical systems and components, identifying design alternatives and performing trade-off studies, linking budget, sensitivity, reliability, failure mode and worst case analysis to determine the optimum approach for the design, and to predict performance of the system for the expected operational and environmental conditions; developing and executing test plans for electronics system verification and acceptance, and developing operations and maintenance documentation; designing or performing test sequences to measure and characterize the performance of electrical components and systems, and, subsequently, analyzing and interpreting the test results and preparing summary reports.  If functioning as a lead engineer, provides technical direction for the definition and development of a system or subsystem and coordinates all appropriate engineering activities



Certifications /Education

A Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, physics, computer science, or mathematics is required.

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