Senior Network Engineer/Architect

Responsible for evaluating current LAN/WAN systems. Oversee the purchase, installation and support of LANs and/or WANs. May plan large scale systems projects through vendor comparison and cost studies. May be responsible for lower level network engineers.  Analyze requirements and design LAN/WAN network configurations consistent with both short- and long-term objectives. Install, maintain and monitor network operations.  Research and solve complex problems regarding data communication failures.


The WAN Security Engineer should have: (1) a minimum of three years of practical experience in data network installation, engineering or administration in an enterprise network environment; (2) an understanding of basic security principles and their application to an Active Directory environment; (3) expert level knowledge with Cisco IOS and ASA software; (4) as a plus, UNIX, webpage/automation, systems development, and programming.

Certifications /Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (IT)All candidates are required to maintain at least one (1) baseline certification and one (1) computing environment (CE) certification.

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