1. Ability to provide all management, services and personnel for the planning and estimating of work orders in support of operation, maintenance, repair and preventative maintenance of all facilities. 2. Must be proficient in construction cost estimating and scheduling for the civil trade which includes interior and exterior vertical construction (i.e. renovations, minor additions to facilities, etc.), horizontal construction ((i.e. pavements, concrete pads construction, etc.), mechanical trade (i.e. HVAC installations and modifications; interior and exterior plumbing work, etc.), and electrical trade (i.e. proficiency in low voltage, interior work but familiarity and understanding of exterior work from panel to the facility).3. Full understanding of all shops and their abilities, manning, and equipment/tools. Shops include: HVAC, Heavy Equipment Operators, Structures, Electrical and Utilities.4. Must understand the civil engineering work order process; be able to review all projects and have a final product with proper project cost estimate and scope identified within 1 calendar day of receipt of urgent work orders and 3 calendar days of receipt of routine work orders.5. Ability to consult with experience dealing with customers, clients, shop chiefs, supervisors and personnel in other departments to discuss and formulate estimates and resolve arising issues. 6. Analyze survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects. 


5 years experience in Planning/ Estimating. 

Certifications /Education

Related college degree (associates or bachelors)

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