COMSEC Repairer

Troubleshoots and repairs all COMSEC/controlled cryptographic devices and other electronic equipment (e.g. receiver/transmitters, both commercial and tactical, circuit cards, telecommunications devices, telephones, teletypes, intrusion detection systems, AOAP spectrometer and similar items and equipment). Using schematics, blueprints and manufacturer’s specifications and using a variety of hand tools and test equipment, as well as, a comprehensive knowledge of electronic circuits. May provide technical advice and assistance to lower level technicians.


Minimum of five years practical experience in electronics repair/maintenance strongly preferred, with at least two of those years at the General Support. Depot level experiences a definite plus.Special Knowledge: COMSEC certifications. Certified to repair DSRN Red Switch, KG-81, KG-82, KG-83, KG-84, KG-194, KY-57/58, KI-1C, KY-90, KY-68, KY-78, HGX-82, KGX-93, KT-83 & RT-1523.

Certifications /Education

High School graduate or equivalent.

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