Airfield Manager

Individuals proposed under this labor category must show experience in the principles of organization, purpose, operation, and management of airfield operational areas. Airfield Managers coordinate all airfield functions and tasking with users, providers, and resources personnel. These individuals maintain tight control of airport safety and security measures as may be necessary. They must be familiar with navigational aids, communications; basic aircraft design characteristics, and fundamentals of meteorology. Airfield Managers must be knowledgeable of ICAO and/or United States federal and military air regulations, flight data and NOTAM systems, and AFI 13-204 and AFI 13-213. These individuals must understand and be able to apply the guidelines and directives set forth in local operating procedures, AFI 13-204 and AFI 13-213, as applicable.


These individuals must have a minimum of 10 years of aviation experience as a military pilot, air traffic controller, or military airfield manager.  Experience in an airfield management position must have been within the past 12 years.

Certifications /Education

High School diploma (or equivalent). Associate’s degree in Airfield Resource Management or a related field is preferred. Successful completion of a DoD Airfield Manager course is desired. 

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