Sewing Machine Operator

Requirements for this job are for one to: operate power sewing machines to sew, alter or repair wearing apparel, linens, blankets and other fabric articles, alter article according to alteration ticket, fitter's pins, chalk marks, or verbal instructions, and locate defects, and repairs article, including ripping of seams and matching sizes and colors of replacement parts. This operator may operate automatic sewing machines, utilizing knowledge of threading machines, winding bobbins, adjusting tension, and oiling parts. Work is reviewed for accuracy, neatness, and to determine if instructions have been followed.  The following kinds of work are not covered under this classification: fitting and marking necessary alterations; measuring and cutting materials to make new articles; designing and making articles for special purposes; sewing leather; and using heat-sealing machine to patch articles.



Certifications /Education

High school graduate or equivalent. 

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