Ice Plant Supervisor

Under the supervision of the Logistic Manager, directs and is responsible for operations of the Ice Plant.1. Performs daily supervisory tasks covering all of the ice plant activities.a. Interviews and recommends candidates for open positions.b. Coaches staff on a daily basis, for training and continuous improvement.c. Prepares performance and issues disciplinary action when appropriate.d. Ensures employees are informed of and use safe work practices.e. Recommends termination or contract non-renewal, as appropriate.2. Provides guidance on the implementation and oversight of multiple camp coordination activities to include, but not limited to: expenditure research and authorization, supply ordering, receiving, issue and inventories.3. Provides technical supervision of the sub-contract personnel and daily ice plant operations. 4. Interfaces with designated government representatives and other contractor elements to assure smooth operations and compliance with government directives, standards, and needs.5. Oversees the ordering, tracking, receiving, storage, distribution, maintenance, and turn in of supplies and equipment. Ensures compliance with first-in first-out stock rotation and shelf life policies.  6. Maintains full accountability for all property control and property records. 7. Responsible for the Ice Plant key control system.8. Maintains copies of MSDS sheets for applicable supplies received. 9. Responsible for the operational performance of Ice Plant10. Maintains all records in accordance with applicable US Military regulations.11. Prepares daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly and other situational reports.  12. Performs other related duties as required


Seven (7) years of experience in ice plant operations, warehousing, or inventory control is required. 

Certifications /Education

A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification or the ability to obtain certification within 90 days of hire is required. 

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