TMDE Coordinator

Calibrates and repairs general purpose test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) to include selected special purpose TMDE such as Radiation Detecting, Indicating, and Computing (RADIAC) equipment. Responsibilities of the position include receiving, safe guarding, tracking maintenance status and return of TMDE; keeps records of equipment received and returned to customer; maintains calibration records and turns in equipment for calibration. Prepares a monthly inventory tracker and submits an inventory sheet to the customer for verification. Ensures that all equipment listed in the TB 43-180 Series, Calibration and Repair Requirements for the Maintenance of Army Materiel, will be properly calibrated prior to use.


4 - 6 years of maintenance or supply management experience with at least 1 year as a Test, Measurement, & Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) coordinator.

Certifications /Education

High school graduate or equivalent.

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