Custodian Supervisor

Custodial Supervisor will maintain up-to-date schedules, available upon request for review, detailing cleaning areas, and duties of custodial personnel for each building and area. Will oversee all activities performed by custodial personnel and landscaping personnel. Must manage all custodial personnel, including scheduling daily activities, managing appropriate leaves, supervision of duties, and inspection of duties. Will assist in set up of special events.  Ensures personnel exhibit superior workmanship and focus upon a quality end product.  Follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure all tasks are accomplished safely and with a focus upon a quality.  Will have direct oversight of Custodians.   Verifies actual hours worked by personnel to reduce manpower expenditure.  Ensures personnel complete all tasks in accordance with the Public Works Safety Policy and  Environmental, Safety & Health directives.  Provides Leadership and mentors junior personnel to develop appropriate skillsets.  Addresses Customer concerns in a prompt, professional and courteous manner.  Uses Computer Maintenance Management System (Maximo) to correctly capture data related to maintenance work orders, preventative maintenance inspections, and urgent/emergency Customer requests.  Ensures personnel correctly capture data on maintenance work order requests and preventative maintenance inspection forms for upload into the Computer Maintenance Management System (Maximo).  Must have a home-country Driver’s License, and be able to acquire a U.S. Government Driver’s License.


Three (3) years supervisory Experience.Requires ability to analyze the operation of various infrastructure systems, determine the cause of problems/malfunctions, and take corrective actions as required.Knowledge of U.S. Army Safety Guidelines and OSHA Standards.

Certifications /Education

High School diploma plus vocational training in administrative sciences, Associate degree preferred.Must possess a driver’s license from country of origin for the purpose of obtaining a Military drivers license.

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