Custodian of Postal Effects (COPE)

Perform duties as a COPE at the Army Post Office (APO) The COPE shall ensure change of COPE audits are conducted correctly and PS Form 3294 are filed at the APO and with the Postal Finance Officer-(PFO). Ensures PS Form 3369 is prepared in triplicate by incoming COPE and the original and duplicate copies are sent to the PFO for validation. The COPE ensures the incoming COPE prepares a new PS Form 1590 for capital equipment and sends a copy to the PFO. Ensure the original copy of the DD Form 2257 for COPE is kept in APO files and the duplicate is sent to the PFO.  Ensures money order audits are conducted by incoming COPE. The COPE signs for blank money order stock from the outgoing COPE on DD Form 885.The COPE and finance clerks must submit a stamp stock requisition every 7 days or when cash on hand exceeds 25 percent of account value on PS Form 17. The COPE ensures files are established for each flex credit account, and equipment issued, i.e.: POD Form 1, DD 2257, PS Forms 8139, 3294, 3369, 3368, 17, 1590, 1096, and 3977.Ensure the finance clerks are printing PS Form 1412-A at the end of shift. Ensure that the Assistant COPE (filler stock custodians) are properly appointed, and stock kept separately from Primary COPE’s stock. Ensure monthly audits on finance clerks are conducted monthly and maintains PS Form 3294’s.


Two year Postal financial experience and Two year COPE experience required. Must possess a current stateside drivers license or current overseas drivers license. 

Certifications /Education

High School Diploma or Equivalent is required; Associates/Bachelors are preferred.

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